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How to chose the perfect wedding photographer for you | Elizabeth Haase Photography


You’ve talked for hours, sometimes even days. Learning everything about each other. Finally, after sipping your favorite latte, you decide to go for it, you get down on one knee and ask “will you be my wedding photographer?”. Ok ok that doesn’t actually happen, but seriously, finding a wedding photographer is hard work (and I say that as one!) There is so much good photography out there these days, and everyone brings a unique talent to the table. Seriously, the talent out there rocks! I’ve talked before about who the EHP bride is but today I want to touch on a few things I’ve learned on the other side of the lens, and how to find a photographer who you won’t only get amazing images from, but also mesh well on a personal level. It can be overwhelming planning a wedding, and I hope these tips help you on your quest to the best day ever.

1.) They Get You: Unless you live out of state, I try to make it a point to meet with every couple before we book your date. I’ve been told before we even go into wedding details that a couple feels like they know me just from reading my blog, and that makes me so happy because it means on some level, you get me. It really is like speed dating, you see so many websites and blogs you sometimes forget that photographers are with you the entire wedding day, it’s important that you get along, and that you trust them making decisions on your wedding day. Maybe you bond over your love of Harry Potter or you instantly develop a Leslie & Ann relationship, you’ll often know if the person you are meeting with is “the one” pretty quickly. So trust your gut, you beautiful tropical fish.

2.) You See Yourself in Their Work: Let’s face it, there is a ton of great work out there. I pour over wedding blogs all the time, and there is just so much pretty out there and so many different personal styles. Make sure you actually check out a photographers blog or website to get a feel of their style and how they approach the day. Can you imagine you and your fiance in their work? Just because you love someones photographs, doesn’t necessarily mean they fit your wedding style.

3.) You Have The Same Goals: My couples don’t have a signature look. While my work has continuity, my couples are diverse. Some are classic romantics, others are more modern. But they all have the same thing in common, they are stoked about marrying their best friend. I can tell just from their tone that their wedding is about so much more than the party, they are in love and ready to take this amazing journey with their soul mates. Thats the love that I am fortunate enough to capture, and it’s really that connection that I try to tap into more than a pretty location.

I hope this helps you in your quest for finding the perfect wedding photographer for your Wisconsin wedding. I’d love to hear other things you look for in your photographer, make sure to leave a comment below!



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