Four Ways to Create Your Perfect Engagement Session

With the seasons changing, it’s the perfect time to start scheduling and thinking about your engagement session. Since Wisconsin has four very beautiful but lets face it, distinct, seasons, it’s important to schedule your engagement session with the time of year in mind.

Regardless of when you schedule it, you should expect your engagement session to be fun and romantic. Here are four easy ways to make your engagement session low stress and perfect!

Romantic Milwaukee Engagement Session | Elizabeth Haase Photography

1.) Ditch your pinterest boards – I suggest to delete any engagement session pinterest boards a few days before your session. While its great to have to plan location, season and clothing tips, trust your photographer to get great and most importantly unique engagement photos. You want your photos to reflect your relationship, not some random couples you saw online.

2.) It’s all about the location – Personally I prefer if my clients chose the engagement session location. I think its so important to do them in a place that is meaningful to your story. Think about where you met, where he proposed, or even in your own apartment. The more comfortable you and your fiance feel will definitely reflect in the photographs, and instead of a random park, you will look back on those photos in ten years and be able to reminence about so much more than the hour we spent there taking photos.


3.) Make a date of it – Even if we book a sunrise session, you can still make your engagement session into a fun date  for the two of you. Plan a great dinner at a new restaurant, or catch that movie you’ve been meaning to see. You get to spend a few hours with your favorite person all dressed up, why not make it the start to a perfect day date or evening!

4.) Treat Yo’self – You’ve got the perfect outfit, but are stressing out on your hair and make up. My biggest advice is to make sure you feel great. I always have such a big confidence boost in front of the camera if I know that my hair and make up look on point, and personally, that means someone else does them for me! It’s also a great way to touch base with your hair and make up artist for your wedding day and do a test run for your big day!

At the end of the day, your engagement session should be a reflection of this crazy new season in your life. You get to marry your best friend, how amazing is that? Try not to stress or put too much pressure on yourself to perform, just relax, have fun and remember to soak it all in!

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