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Prescott Wedding FlowersI think I’m the only person in Milwaukee who was excited when she woke up this morning. It was 45 degrees you guys.


As I walked my daughter to school,  the kids were shouting, ITS SO FREEZING, and I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE and ITS WINTER, and I’m over here singing in my head, I’m in my boots, I’m wearing a scarf, I’m in a sweater, I am awesome!

I love fall, in Arizona, fall is marked by the dramatic temperature change of 105 to 101. There isn’t a changing of leaves until about January, and even then it lasts about three weeks.  We can usually expect a break in the weather after Halloween if we are lucky. Now that I am here in Brew City, I’m excited about having four seasons, and am blissfully ignorant to the rumblings of the pending Polar Vortex everyone grumbles about.

Confession – I’ve never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I am too comfortable in my coffee choice. Iced Mochas & pumpkin bread year round!

Today to honor two of my favorite things, fall and flowers, I thought I would kick things off with a fun blog about fun flower choices to make your Sept-Nov wedding stand out.

In researching a bit for this blog post I stumbled across this amazing company called BLOOMINOUS. They supply you with flowers to DIY your bouquet and their prices are really great! I haven’t used them but they look really fun and you can create something thats unique for your best day ever.

Some favorite FALL FLOWERS




Scabiosa Pod

Safari Sunset


Feathers – not technically flowers but looks awesome in a bouquet!


Garden Roses







Sea Oats

Chocolate Queen Annes Lace

Some of my personal favorite combinations are organic fall bridal bouquets that look messy and unkempt but fashionably put together. Roses combined with Hydrangea with little pops of color throughout. On the flip side, going full fall colors and keeping your dress and accessories simple is another favorite of mine, highlighted by Uyen’s simple gown and flowers in the dress below (more coming from this shoot later this month). The flowers were arranged by the fabulous Hoot & Holler in Phoenix.

Fall Wedding Flowers in Milwaukee

Now, to get out and enjoy this lovely fall weather! Have a happy Thursday!

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