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30 Ways to be Productive in the Off Season

For Creatives

March 20, 2018

Wisconsin has a somewhat defined “Off Season” for wedding vendors, which falls between November and April. The days are cold and snowy and most of us hibernate in our offices for the winter.  Ask any vendor and they will tell you, things are anything but slow! It’s a different kind of busy, a busy where you may be able to take a little more time off to spend with your family that you lose in the summer months. The time when you put on all the different hats you wear in your business. It’s a season of reflection and connecting with other people in the industry.

30 Ways to Keep Your Business Moving Forward All Year Long!

The EHP 2018 wedding season is still a few weeks away, and I feel like I’m finally at that turning point where I can jump head first into new things for 2018! Here are some of the things on my list right now:

1. Order New Printed Goods – The offseason is a great time to order new business cards & stationery! I’ve been working on crafting a new tangible part of my brand, and it’s so much fun!

2. Create a Blog Schedule – Go through pain points your clients may have and schedule out blogs through your busier season! Have work you haven’t had time to blog – now is the time!

3. Do a Systems Check – It’s the best time of the year to assess all your equipment and send anything that might be due in for some repairs. This includes my camera gear, online programs and really anything that I use day to day.

4. Update New SEO Strategies  – Research SEO and implement them on your website! SEO is one of those things that changes yearly, sometimes even monthly, so keeping up with the latest trends is a must!

5. Clean Up Your Space – No judgment here! Take an afternoon to clean out your desk and refresh it for the new year! Spring cleaning doesn’t need to just be for the home. Throw things away, put up some new artwork or inspiration quotes, anything to get you motivated!

Want 25 more ideas for what to do in the offseason or when things slow down in your business? Grab my FREE checklist!

  1. Kathryn McCambley

    March 21st, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Super helpful! Will definitely be using these tips!

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