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4 Things to Consider for your Winter Wedding

For Couples

February 8, 2018

4 Things to Consider for Your Winter Wedding | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Haase

Winter is definitely a time in Wisconsin when everything slows down, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a beautiful winter wedding! Here are four things to consider when planning your winter wedding.


  1. The Sun Sets Early – If you are doing a December wedding, the sun can set as early as 4pm! For those of you not doing a first look, this is especially important. If your ceremony isn’t until 5pm, you’ll miss out on all of that beautiful natural light that drew you to your photographer in the first place! If you are planning a winter wedding, I’d suggest doing either an earlier ceremony or doing a first look so you can take care of all of your portraits before the ceremony begins. This is one of the biggest things couples don’t realize when they set their ceremony times!
  2. Speaking of Timelines – Most planners and photographers would suggest adding buffer time into your timeline. Things tend to run late with weddings, and buffer time makes sure if they do – you’re covered! In the winter, you’ll want to add even more time for traveling from one venue to the other, as weather conditions could be unfavorable and cause a delay.
  3. The Temperature – This is, of course, obvious, but in Wisconsin, it gets pretty cold in the Winter. If you are doing outdoor portraits, prepare by bringing lots of wraps and jackets, hand warmers, and warm boots. You can still get beautiful portraits without being freezing! Consider a wrap or a long sleeved dress for winter weddings.
  4. Be Creative – Winter gives you the ultimate clean palate! You can go bold with rich colors, wear fancy accessories you wouldn’t be able to in the summer, and go all out with the greenery! Be creative and have fun!


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