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4 Things to Check off Your Wedding To-Do List

For Couples

April 10, 2018

I’m a little under two months until my first wedding of the season – it’s the final countdown! During the last 2 months, I like to send my clients a series of wedding preparedness emails as everything starts to come together. It makes me so happy to walk into the room on a wedding day to see my brides happy, smiling and not stressed out because they have all the information they need to rock this whole wedding thing!!

Weddings can be overwhelming, but there are some easy tricks you can use to be able to breeze through your best day ever! At the end of the day, your wedding day is about you and your future spouse, I want you to remember that love you felt and not that you were stressed because Uncle Joe disappeared during family formals!

Here are 4 things you can check off your wedding to-do list this week for a stress-free wedding day:

    1. Tighten Up That Family Formals List – the family photos can often be a big stress point for couples. There are a lot of personalities and people to please, and we want to get them finished as quickly as possible. To make these photos a breeze, I suggest limiting the number of groupings to 15 or less. Each set can take 2-5 minutes so even a list of 10 groupings can be pushing the 30-minute mark. That’s a LOT of smiling at the camera for me. I like to do four big extended family groupings (mom and dads side for the bride and groom) and get the rest of those aunt and uncle photos throughout the reception if time permits. The rest of the groupings will be reserved for grandparents, parents, and siblings.  You’ll also want to pick a person on each side who can be “ahem” a little bossy with the family so that we don’t lose grandpa to cocktail hour when he is next in line for photos.
    2. Send Your Photographer Your Invitation – I adore invitation suites, but styling them can take a lot of time on a wedding day. Send your photographer a clean set of your invitation (two if it’s two-sided!) so they can photograph it beforehand!
    3. Keep A “Details” List –  Make a list on your phone or on Trello of all of your getting ready items (shoes, necklace etc), to give to your MOH the morning of the wedding. She can make sure they are all gathered and set to the side for your photographer. You’ll most likely be in hair and makeup when they arrive, so you can just relax and enjoy your mimosa!
    4. Schedule a Date Night – The catch? NO talking about the wedding! You’ll be amazed how many brides become so preoccupied in their wedding day that they experience a wedding crash/depression when it’s all done. So schedule a few date nights and coffee shop mornings for you and your fiance where the only rule is no wedding talk allowed!

All of these tasks can take less than 15 minutes and will relieve so much stress the day of the wedding! Make sure to download my free family formals list that you can share with friends and family!



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