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6 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage on our SIX YEAR Anniversary!


February 21, 2018

February 21st is a day I will never forget! For those who haven’t heard the story, my husband and I actually eloped in Las Vegas where I was attending a photography conference. We both didn’t want a big wedding, and our parents actually talked us into it! In a million years, I never thought I’d elope!!

The last six years haven’t been perfect. Having three kiddos definitely makes things busy and hard to find a lot of time to spend together as a couple. Though I am a firm believer in continuing to date your spouse, it’s easier said than done. However, six years (still can’t believe it!) in, and I am still as in love with Andy as I was on day 1!

Things I’ve learned in our six years of marriage:

  1. Ebbs and flows are OK. Sometimes things are great, we have time for each other often and schedule date nights and fun things to do. Other times, one of us is working until 2am for 3 weeks straight and we hardly see each other. Either way, I never feel like our relationship is in trouble, and that eventually, we will find our way to the upswing again.
  2. Sometimes we are NOT each other’s favorite person – I’ve learned to give him space when he needs it and vice versa. Sometimes days are hard, but we always make-up and move on.
  3. Communication is KEY – both Andy and I had been in short-lived marriages in the past, even after a long time dating that person. So when we met and talked for hours and hour about what we needed in a spouse, communication was #1. We try to check in with each other often, and it makes things so much easier when we need to discuss tough stuff like finances.
  4. We ROCK at parenting – Zone defense is so hard! Even though every day isn’t perfect, we do our best to be on the same page with our parenting goals and approach. There is nothing I love more than seeing him play barbies with our girls!
  5. At Home Dates are the BEST – I would love to run out every weekend, but usually, we are both too tired to even consider that! We get creative with at home dates and sometimes all we need is a movie night or tv show to binge to feel in sync!
  6. We LAUGH at and with each other –  Of the two of us, I’m definitely the one who provides the dad jokes in the relationship. I blurt out the most absurd movie references pretty much every day. Andy takes it in stride, laughs with me when I’m obviously NOT funny (maybe laughing at me) and never takes things too seriously.

Andy thank you for six AMAZING years! I feel like it flew by and I cannot wait to see what the next 60 bring us!


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