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April Goals

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April 11, 2016

April Goals

I cannot believe my “off season” is officially winding down! April is a time for me to spring clean in both life and business, and prepare for the upcoming wedding season craziness.

I am so thankful to be starting my 2nd wedding season in Wisconsin with an absolutely stellar line of up of couples. May – December is going to be an adventure and I cannot wait to capture so many important moments!

Life Goals

+ Order Family Albums, we have so. many. photos. I know this is a project we will enjoy once it’s done, but man, it’s tedious putting everything together! I love the small Instagram books from Artifact Uprising, and made a custom hashtag for my personal Instagram account this year to easily pull album photos in the future. I know this is one of those projects that if I don’t finish this month it’ll have to wait until the end of my wedding season in December…so I need to pick a night, grab a glass of vino and get this done!

+ Landscaping Projects – I’m still getting used to Wisconsin’s plant climate and may be a littttttle too used to the AZ set it and forget it plants. You have to remember to water plants every day…what is this?? This year I have a bunch of bulbs to plant and a few bushes to remove to make a easier walkway from our front to backyard.

+ Up yoga to 6 days a week. The more I’ve been working out, the more that I just fell back in love with yoga. Unfortunately the last two weeks of March left most of our house with strep throat (me included) so I’ve been slacking in the gym department. This week we should be healthy enough to head outside, so I’m planning on taking advantage of each and every Saturday I have before wedding season begins!

+ Cut back on coffee shops. This is probably the saddest goal, but over the last year, Starbucks became an everyday thing and I don’t know how (ok, it was the pumpkin bread!). That $3-$5 adds up so quickly, and my dependency is getting out of control. So, sadly, I’m planning on cutting it back to 2 days a week. Two special, special days.

+ Get rid of extras. My main goal this year is to simplify as much as possible, and this includes all the extra junk that is lying around my closet. That’s right 2002 shirt, I’m looking at you. With three kids it’s hard to really just get rid of everything, but simplifying and creating easy cleaning systems will give us more time to spend with each other and a clearer mind.

Work Goals

+ Work work work work work. I don’t know the rest of that song BUT I do know this month is going to be about WORK. Where we are, where we are going and how I can expand and conquer being in business for myself. I’m attending two workshops this month and I cannot believe it’s finally April so I can learn from some amazing people. It also means a really fun road trip with my friend Amy from Happy Gnome Photography up north to spend a weekend in a cabin learning and photographing a gorgeous styled shoot! I can’t wait to refresh, learn, and grow in my business.

+ Complete blog refresh!

+ Complete new client welcome guide (it’s so good you guys!).

+ Set up spring mini sessions

+ Prep gear and hard drives for a crazy May wedding season kick off! My couples this year are insanely nice, creative and fun and I just cannot wait to share in such a momentous time with them!


Here’s to a hopefully warmer April!

  1. dawniele

    April 12th, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Love these goals and looking forward to seeing you check them off your list!

  2. Elizabeth

    April 13th, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Thanks so much Dawniele! Sometimes I have to write it out and put it out there to make it happen!

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