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Bring on 2018! Resolutions and Goals


January 22, 2018

I had so much fun recapping 2017, and looking at the calendar for 2018 – it is going to be simply amazing! I’m not a huge girl for resolutions per say, but I do like to set goals for myself each year and then on a smaller scale, each month. Breaking things down into 12 parts seems a lot less scary than looking at a giant yearly to-do list! Click through to see what 2018 will bring for EHP.

This year I really want to bring in more personal posts to my blog. Last year got a little crazy, and I found my blog feeling like…well, work. And while technically it is, I want my blog to feel more like me, which means a lot more behind the scenes posts, home renovation progress and DIY projects.  I also want to know what YOUR opinion is on what I should include in my blog, so make sure to check out my Instagram stories for a survey (and giveaway!) on Thursday.

Blog Goals

More BTS Content  // BTS Wedding posts are so fun! I want to show all the fun, crazy beautiful things that happen on a wedding day and during office hours!

More Personal, Authentic Posts // I have trouble with FOMO a lot, and it makes me hesitate to post some personal posts online because they aren’t “perfect”. This year I want to let go of that and document more of what my family does together, and just be myself!

More Collaboration & Guest Posts // Oh boy I have ideas for this! Milwaukee has an amazing group of wedding professionals and I want to highlight some of my favorite people!

Lots of Educational Content for Couples // Taking this up to 11. I want to know what pain points you have, how can we make your wedding photography seamless? Look for at least one post per week on how you can plan for wedding photography and have a stress free day.

More Content for Creatives // I’ve been leading our Tuesdays Together group for 2.5 years and you would hardly know it! Look for more recaps, ideas and more!

DIY’s for At Home and for Brides // I love a good DIY, and always try to think of ways I can create something before I buy it.

Business Goals

Host a Workshop for Moms // This has been in my heart for years now! I want to put together a workshop just for parents to help them photograph their children at home.

Use the Studio for Shooting! // Im thinking a headshot party, including hair, make up and mimosas. Who’s in?

Be at the Studio 2x per week // This one is hard because my kids have crazy schedules and sometimes it’s not worth it to drive 15 – 20 minutes for 2 hours. BUT I love our space and I get so much done there. It’s totally worth it!

Shoot 15 Weddings // Just a few spots left for 2018 in the fall!

Participate in 1-2 Styled Shoots // I took some time off from styled shoots but how I miss them so! I love to collaborate and push my creativity, and styled shoots are a great way to do that!

Be Published in Print // I’ve had a few photos here or there, but I’d love to get one of my EHPs couples published in print! It’s so fun to see all of their hard work inspiring others!

Photo by my friend Karen Ann Photography

Personal Goals

Better Self Care // This one got away from me the most in 2017. I would work until 3 am, be up at 6 and just ran myself into the ground often. My mental load was so overworked I would get anxiety every time I had to send an email. I’ve taken a lot of steps this winter to get out this funk and work from a place of rest and to schedule time for myself.

Say “No” More // This seems counterintuitive but it goes back to self care. I say yes, a lot. To volunteering at every request, to extra jobs etc. It makes me so busy which is great but it also pulls me in so many different directions. This year I want to be able to give my clients and family as much of me as I can, and that means somethings I’ll have to say no to.

Get into a routine // I love this one! I have my Emily Ley Planner and my Power Sheets and I am all about the routine. I have to say, having a planner is so helpful and worth it. I have “personal time with my planner” every morning and map out my day so I don’t feel guilty for things like going to the gym or playing with my kids, because I know the work I need to do is done during different times. It’s actually really liberating! #adultingsohard I also got the Home Base Planner from Emily Ley for Christmas and I can’t wait to dig into it more!

More Family Time // No phones, no computers or notifications. Just time with my kids and my husband.

More Home Projects Complete! // I am most excited about this one! I have so many plans for our little cape cod and this summer I want to do a lot of projects with the exterior of our home. We will be putting in a little sitting area/painting the exterior and putting in a new fence. Plus about 100 other small projects inside the home. Who knew I would get so excited over a fence – ha!

Do you make resolutions or set goals for the year ahead? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment in the box below.

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