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Choosing Your Wedding Photography Style

For Couples

January 23, 2018


When I was planning my wedding six years ago, my style was all over the place. My own photography still was still evolving, and there were so many choices, I easily felt overwhelmed. I ended up checking about 100 websites and nothing was quite the right fit. I ended up going with my friend Stacy Kokes, who had the most similar photography style to my own at the time, plus she and her husband Jo are the best (also ironically, they are from Wisconsin and moved to Arizona!).  

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your photography style.

Do I want Dark and Moody or Light and Airy?

Are you looking for a more moody, modern style or something a little more bright? When I first started photographing weddings, my style definitely was a little moodier.  As I evolved as an artist and began to shoot film for client work, I came to appreciate and love a more timeless style. Both are perfectly beautiful in different ways, and each is unique to every couple. I shoot lighter but warmer and more color. There are some film photographers who shoot lighter with more pastel colors.

Here is a fun glimpse into my moodier work (This shoot was published in Junebug Weddings!)

Do I want a documentary style?

Most wedding photographers offer at least some documentary photography, I mean – we are there to capture the day! However, a documentary style in portraits could mean different things. Some photographers prefer not to pose, capturing the couple as naturally as possible. Others prefer more editorial portraits or a defined, traditional portrait.  Think about what you would feel more comfortable on your wedding day doing, and talk to a potential photographer about it at your consultation. Everyone’s approach is different, and since I believe that the most important thing you should consider when choosing your photographer is trust and comfort, it’s definitely a must ask question!

How do you want your photos to feel?

I always ask this question at consults and get a variety of answers, I love how everyone is unique! It’s a pretty loaded question, especially since you most likely see your gallery for a year after I ask you! Ultimately, you want to book a photographer that makes you feel something. Does their portfolio make you happy because their couples are so joyful? Do you feel the emotion in their candid photographs? Do you want to feel a sense of drama? Consider these things while looking at a portfolio.

Every single couple is unique, and there is no wrong photography style! It is worth talking over with your partner to make sure you are on the same page and choosing the style that speaks to you the most. After all, these are the photos your possible grandchildren will see, and the ones you’ll look back on when days are hard. Trust your gut, you are going to LOVE your photos!

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