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Does it Matter Who Shoots Your Engagement Session?

For Couples

April 9, 2019

If you are just starting the planning process, it’s such an exciting time full of questions. One question I get frequently from couples inquiring with me is…”does it matter who shoots our engagement session”, “do we need an engagement session,” or “we have a friend who is going to do our engagement session, can we take it out of the collection?”

Does it Matter Who Shoots Your Engagement Session?

While I think all of those are all valid questions, there’s a reason why I include an engagement session in each and every collection I offer. Here are three reasons that it does matter who shoots your engagement session.

  1. Connect With Your Photographer

    Of all your vendors, the photographer you choose is going to be with you most during the day. They are also going to be there for some of the most intimate and vulnerable moments you have in your life – you want to connect with them! It’s so important for your photographer to see how you are behind the camera, as well as couples to know what to expect from their photographer during portrait time.  Does it Matter Who Shoots Your Engagement Session?

  2. Build Trust

    If my couples don’t trust me, it doesn’t make us a good fit. It’s so vital to be able to trust your photographer and their final product, and having an engagement session builds that connection so you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. Does it Matter Who Shoots Your Engagement Session?

  3. Know What to Expect 

    Though I show potential couples a gallery during our first meeting together, there’s really no better way to test out a gallery than by having one of your very own! Since I deliver my engagement sessions and weddings using the same program, my couples know exactly what to expect and how to use their gallery before their wedding day! It also allows couples to see what they will look like in their photos depending on their photographers editing style.

These three reasons are why I believe it’s so important to schedule engagement session portraits with your photographer before your big day! I know sometimes there are circumstances that might prevent this, such as work schedules or being out of town. In those cases I suggest asking for rehearsal dinner coverage so you can do a quick mini session with them. There is so much to stress about on a wedding day. Your photos should NOT be one of them!

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