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Establish – A Workshop for Creatives

For Creatives

February 27, 2018


If you follow my Instagram you’ve already heard – the Establish Workshop is happening March 24th, at my studio in Milwaukee. I’m teaming up with my friend Colleen Bies Photography to dive deep into those first two years of business. If I would have know half of what I do now…my life would have been so much easier!

This intimate workshop will focus on creating a business that thrives. We are both open books when it comes to strategies that have helped (or not helped) our businesses over the last 8 years!

What You Will Learn:

Branding & Client Experience – Your brand is your promise to your customer. What they can expect from your products and services…your offerings, your client experience…who you are and who you want your people to see you.

Content Marketing – Marketing techniques for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract your ideal client through social media and your blog.

Business Financials – Why numbers matter and what story do they tell you in how you run and become successful in your business. Diagnosing the problem by seeking the story within

The early bird rate ends this Friday! Make sure to grab your tickets here.


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