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Favorite Podcasts for LadyBosses

For Creatives

March 25, 2016



As you all know, I love me a good podcast (you can find a list of my favorites here). They are such a great way to enrich your day, and the topics are endless. As much as I love to listen to podcasts about ancient history, or Gilmore Girls, while I’m working I try to listen to business and creative focused podcasts. I love to hear what works and what doesn’t work for other creative women. This business is so isolating, hearing other people’s stories about how they overcome how their house is a disaster because they are raising kids and trying to run their business….these are my people. I do tend to favor podcasts geared towards women/more feminist views, so my likes may be a bit skewed in that direction.

Favorite Business Podcasts

Being Boss – Hands down my favorite business podcast. Sometimes I feel like if my spirit animal was in podcast form, it would be Being Boss because they just hit on every single thing I wonder about, or have an insecurity about running a business. They provide awesome advice with a great sense of humor.

What’s Your Secret? – A great podcast for photographers by photographers which covers a wide variety of topics!

All Up In Your Lady Business – Three times a week podcast with business owners from a variety of fields. Topics cover guilt to Instagram and more.

Badass & Bare – Katie & Andrea are awesome at motivating you to do your best and be confident in your business and your life. Just started in February and I’m excited to see where they go with it.

Modern Entrepreneurs – Another new podcast for creatives with a focus so far on the wedding industry. Yay!

Online Marketing Made Easy – A great podcast by Amy Porterfield with tons of advice on how to use Facebook and other online mediums to market your business.

The Cubicle Crushing Podcast – Love this podcast! Another wonderful cast describing how to build your creative business, being authentic and how to juggle it all.

#MerryBiz – Lots of great, passionate interviews and discussion on overcoming fears and setting goals.

I’d love to add a few more podcasts to the rotation! What are some of your favorites?

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