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February 2018 Goals and Three Things I'm LOVING


February 2, 2018

It’s 3 degrees in Milwaukee today. THREE. I’m wearing all the layers and drinking all the coffee and it’s the perfect day to set goals and get things done. This month is really the jumping off point for my 2018 goals and it’s shaping up to be an amazing year. HUGE things on the horizon and I cannot wait to share!

This month is so special because it’s also Andy & I’s sixth anniversary! We are still brainstorming new & fun things that we can do to celebrate. Six years in, and I can honestly say I love him more than I ever have!

Personal Goals

  • Spend 10 minutes per night with each girl. I got this idea from a post on Instagram Nancy Ray did a few weeks ago. Basically, Andy and I spend 10 minutes alone with each girl, and they get to choose what we do! Having three, they sometimes just get grouped together or someone gets left out and I am so excited to try this!
  • Paint our guest bathroom
  • Paint our cabinets in the kitchen
  • Convince Andy to let me repaint the cabinets in our kitchen 🙂
  • Workout 4x per week.
  • Work on my Powersheets!


Business Goals

  • Official Website Launch!
  • New Client Magazines Mailed
  • Order New stamps and business cards with new logo
  • Go Live on Instagram one time
  • Host creatives at my studio.

I feel like my business goals could go forever, haha! So I’m keeping it to 5 for now. I cannot wait to share more, make sure to keep in the loop by following my Instagram!!

Three item I added my office this month:

  1. Rae Dunn Mugs – I know I’m totally late on this train, but I finally caught up with the times and grabbed a few of these mugs at TJ Maxx! Love!
  2. The Pomelo Coconut candle from Hearth & Hand is life. Seriously it smells like spring and happiness.
  3. This super fun “Where’s Waldo” for adults – Houseplants and Hot Sauce by Sally Nixon.


What are you loving this month???

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