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How to Make Your Boudoir Photos Va-Va-Voom! Guest Blogger Ivona Dixon| Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

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September 17, 2014

I’ll be honest, boudoir is the one area of photography that  I haven’t ventured into. Frankly, it terrifies me a bit. Thankfully, I have an awesome support system of photographer friends who are ah-mazing at boudoir photography, and I have asked a few of them to offer some words of wisdom as guest bloggers over the next few weeks.

Boudoir photos are a great gift for brides to give their future mister on their wedding day, or as an anniversary gift, or to just do for you. I believe boudoir photos can be empowering and sexy, a celebration of who you are as a woman.

Ivona Dixon is a boudoir photographer based out of Richmond, Virginia. Today she is going to share a few tips on how to add the va-voom to your boudoir shoot. She is also a fantastic friend and mom to the cutest little toddler ever!

Ivona Dixon 2

Your wedding is coming up, and in the craziness of all the planning, you’ve been thinking giving your husband-to-be a boudoir album as his wedding day gift. These sexy photos are the best way to show him what he’s in for. Sure, people will scoff and say that married people don’t have sex, and if that’s what you want for your marriage, have fun with that.  The rest of us are going to eat some pineapple and make sure we have some cute panties on because tonight, it ison.

I believe you chose that man, your man, for a reason.  He’s your partner, your teammate, your lover for life.  Maybe you’ve had sex, maybe you haven’t.  Either way, use your boudoir photo shoot as a way to make him even more excited that you chose him as your husband.  And make it goooood.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to make him sweat before he even sees you walk down the aisle.

• Let your personality shine!  Do you have playful inside jokes together?  Do you flash him randomly? Do you snap your panties at him as you’re walking away?  If you’re playful together, let it show in your photos. Or perhaps you’re more sultry. Is it in the way you undress in front of him? Does he love it when you wear a thin cardigan with nothing underneath? Tell your boudoir photographer about your ideas and create photos that are 100% you. What was that line from “Crazy, Stupid Love?”  “You’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute.”  Your fiance will be saying that about you.

• Pretend he’s in the room.  When your boudoir photographer has you looking into the camera, imagine that you’re looking at him instead of a camera lens.  If you’re not looking into the camera, pretend he’s watching you from around the corner.  Doing this trick will instantly turn on your bedroom eyes and that sexy little smile.

Own it.  Own your sexuality.  Own your femininity.  Own your body.  Confidence is sexy. I always tell my client that if there’s one day to show it off and push it out, it’s today–the day of your photo shoot.  Shoulders back, chest out.  Pose and move with confidence. There’s nothing sexier than confidence.

Ivona Dixon 3

• If you’re nervous, here’s the best tip I can give you.  Before your boudoir shoot, take some sexy selfies.  It’s important for you to know what you look like when you move.  Strike different poses, play with your hair flirtatiously, skim your body with your hands.  I dare you to get sexy with yourself!  The value of this is that you’ll get comfortable being in front of the camera.  Don’t be discouraged if the selfies aren’t coming out great.  Chances are you hired a talented professional boudoir photographer who will take creative and sexy-hot photos of you in the most flattering poses and in the most flattering light.

• Lastly, have fun with it! When you go in for your photo shoot, let go of all the roles you play in your life. Let go of all the wedding-stress that you might be feeling. You are there to celebrate yourself and this huge milestone in your life. When you look at your photos, you want to remember how relaxed you felt. Sexy things are fun and exciting, so be yourself and celebrate you.
Congratulations and good luck, Brides!

Ivona Dixon is a boudoir photographer for women who want to celebrate their sexuality. Ivona is based out of the Richmond, VA area and is available for travel. www.ivonadixon.com

Ivona Dixon 1
Thanks so much for the great tips Ivona!

Have you had boudoir photos done?

What are some words of advice you could offer other brides who want to do it but are afraid to take the plunge?


  1. Julie

    September 27th, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    Awesome tips!! <3

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