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How to Prepare Your Wedding Day Details

For Couples

January 18, 2018


As you plan your wedding, some of the most important decisions will be your details. Some couples have family heirlooms, or traditions they include, while others are much more simple. Details are such an amazing way to tell the story of your day, they were picked with intention and should be documented. However, sometimes organizing those details can be overwhelming. Today I am going to talk about ways you can organize your details for a stress-free wedding day.

Getting Ready Details

For most brides, this includes their dress, shoes, and jewelry. I always suggest keeping two copies of your invitation to give to your photographer, so they are able to document both sides of the invitation at once.

Other Details Include:

  • Handkerchief
  • Letters to Each Other
  • Ring Box (I love the Mrs. Box!)
  • Perfume
  • Save the dates
  • Sash or other wedding dress accessory

For my weddings, the first 30-45 minutes of coverage is always shooting details. It takes a few minutes to style each item and allows my team to add other elements such as florals. If you have a wedding planner, talk to them about styling, many offers that for putting together your invitation suite and other details. This definitely is a time saver for your photographer, and since the planner and photographer are so in sync with your vision for the day – your details are perfectly taken care of!

A few days before your wedding, take all your preparation details and put them together in a box or bag. That way, when your photographer arrives, they can simply grab it and get started while you sip champagne with your bridesmaids!

Ceremony Details

For every wedding, my team does their best to capture details before guests arrive. Most couples choose to decorate the altar, have a unity ceremony decoration, and programs. I love having a guest hold the program! If there are any special family heirlooms that don’t normally happen during the ceremony, or if you are doing an exit. Make sure to let your photographer know so they are in the right place at the right time!

Cocktail Hour/The Reception

I always love walking into the reception space for the first time and seeing what my couples have come up with! For the party, there are always two main things I suggest:

  • Have your cocktail hour in a separate place than your reception if it’s possible. This ensures that your photographer will have time to get into the reception space and photograph details without guests in the room. It’s always awkward when we have to move a purse or coat!
  • Schedule in 15-20 minutes for your photographer to photograph the reception space.


When planning, keep a running list of your details to give to your photographer at your final meeting. That way if something is in an obscure spot they wouldn’t normally go to they can make sure to get a photograph of it! The more hours you have for photography also allows us to focus more on details. If your timeline has your family formals, bridal party, and bridal party photos during cocktail hour, your photographer won’t have as much time to get into the cocktail hour and reception space to photograph them. In that case, consider adding on a second shooter, or extending your cocktail hour.

Details are such an amazing way to tell the story of your wedding day! Making sure to pack them beforehand, scheduling extra time for photography and create lists to stay organized!

What are some pain points you’ve come across while planning your wedding? I’d love to help you organize your details!

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