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How to Include your Dog in Your Engagement Session

For Couples

March 8, 2019

I’ve always been a dog person, so whenever one of my couples asks to bring their dog to their engagement session I know we are a great fit! Seriously, if I could bring our Shepherd, our Old English Sheepdog,   to every session I would! He loves cuddles 🙂

If you were thinking about bringing your pup along, here are a few hints to make it a fun experience!

How to Include your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Bring a Dog Handler

This one is a must! Most engagements sessions last at least an hour, so it’s important to have someone there to help wrangle the dog so that your hands are not holding a leash the entire time. I suggest having a friend or family member there at one location at either the very beginning or very end of your session so we can get those photos quickly. Though lovable and cute, a dog only has a few minutes of photo time in them at best, so the less we ask of them the better.

How to Include your Dog in Your Engagement SessionBring Extra Supplies & Gear

Bring your dogs favorite toy and extra treats so we can use them to catch their attention for a few moments. Be aware of what kind of leash they have on and whether you want to include it in your photos. Don’t forget extra bags for potty breaks!

How to Include your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Location is Key!

Make sure to consider the location of your engagement session and double check that it is dog friendly and easily accessible for your pet.

How to Include your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Have Fun! 

Your dog may not be on his or her best behavior but thats no reason to stress! Relax, and have fun with your favorite furry friend.



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