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January Goals

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January 13, 2016

January 2016 Goals | Elizabeth Haase PhotographyAt our Milwaukee Tuesdays Together meeting yesterday, we discussed our 2015 goals and how we reached them and what we plan on dreaming up for 2016. I have to say, as much as I have wanted to sit down and really write down my goals (rather than them being all over my brain all the time) with the majority of my 2015 wedding season being August – November, planning for the holidays, traveling with my family of 5 to Arizona for almost two weeks (so. many bags.), and just keeping my head above water. Going into January all I really have wanted to do was nap. One of the biggest points I took out of our meeting is that yearly goals, while important, aren’t as realistic as the every day I’m hustlin’ goals. The one or two things a month that I can really focus on and give my all to, that have more satisfying and immediate results. I don’t have to take my 2016 goals and be disappointed they don’t happen in January, I’m allowed to break it all into chunks and do a little bit at a time. While I do have overall business and personal goals for the year, monthly goals seem like such a much more realistic way to take on a year. I mean, they are called seasons for a reason. So part of this brand new, goal setting me of 2016 is to hold myself accountable by setting goals on my blog each month in business and at home.

January 2016 Goals


+ catch up and deliver all my Phoenix sessions by 1/15 (I’m right on schedule – whoo!)

+ outline my 2016 couples field guide posts

+ finish my 2016 business plan

+ finish new client welcome guide

+ refresh my tangible branding + finish my mobile website

+ prepare 2015 taxes


+ find and give meaningful gifts for Andy & Eisley’s birthdays. January is a big birthday month in our house!

+ paint our master bedroom navy! We chose Benjamin Moore’s Gravel Gray. Accent with wood, copper, white and pops of color. Our master bedroom has been so neglected – I’m so excited for an update but am secretly hoping it doesn’t turn out to look like a cave.

+ make new headboard for our master bedroom. I’m using this tutorial from Little Green Notebook’s blog.

+ it’s my birthday month…do something memorable!

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