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July Goals


July 3, 2017


July is always a month of transition for me. It’s the month we usually find our summer stride before August comes and I find myself rushing to finish up summer to do lists and prepping for school to begin again. It’s also a month of rest, as we have tried to schedule a mid-summer break within our wedding season every year around this time. This year, we have a family reunion in North Carolina, and I cannot wait to see all my family at the beach! I ended up blocking off two of the five Saturdays for weddings, so the second wee we are planning on heading on a little road trip adventure! While  I plan to continue to have working hours through our trip, a change of scenery allows me to refresh, recharge and hone all of my creative energy into the busy fall wedding season! It’s also Morgan’s 9th birthday, we celebrated with a Taco Fiesta party in June!

Personal Goals

  1. Organize and print a new family chat book album.
  2. Rest during vacation and not just work.
  3. Intentional date night with Andy (not just the usual movie or dinner date).
  4.  Yoga 2 times per week.
  5. Wake up an hour earlier for gardening.
  6. Paint trim in downstairs rooms.

Business Goals

  1. Create a new blog series focusing on educating couples on film.
  2. Update summer studio hours & order new art for the walls.
  3.  Explore trail around the studio for new shooting locations.
  4. Mid Season file organization party.
  5. Look into conferences to attend in Winter 2018.

I cannot wait to share more about our trip in the next few weeks! As always, follow along with me on Instagram (we are driving from Wisconsin to North Carolina with kiddos – it should be interesting!!)

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