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Kara and Jacob’s Chicago Engagement


October 9, 2015

Kara & Jacob met on a blind date set up by their friends. For their first date, they kept it simple with a movie and craft beers…and ended up having to watch the movie twice because they couldn’t stop talking. They both knew that the other was “the one” within just a few months of dating. Jacob even tweeted it after their first date! About a year later, Jacob took them back to their spot in Chicago’s Montrose Beach and asked her to be his wife.

We headed back to Montrose beach for their engagement session. Luckily September gave us one last, sunny, gorgeous day of summer and we were able to take full advantage of it, spending lots of time enjoying the Chicago skyline and ending the day at the beach where Jacob asked Kara to marry him. Their dog Clover also made several appearances – I love when my couples bring their pets along!

Kara & Jacob, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day – I am so excited to shoot their summer 2016 wedding next year at the Pritzlaff with one of my favorite planners Stefany of The Majestic Vision! Film scanned by: The Find Lab


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2015-10-09_00082015-10-09_00092015-10-09_00072015-10-09_0010When I asked them what each is looking forward to most on their wedding day, they said…

Kara – ” I can’t wait until he sees me for the first time. ”

Jacob – “Enjoying our wedding with friends and family”

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