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Nantucket Trip 2018 #haasefamilyaways


January 21, 2019

The middle of January during a snowstorm seems appropriate for a summer post, right? This summer my family traveled to Vermont. Andy and I were able to sneak away for 48 hours while my parents watched the girls, and we woke up before the sun rose to drive to Cape Cod from Dover, Vt. It actually turned out to be a beautiful drive full of Dunkin Donut’s and gorgeous historical homes, and we arrived to the ferry with time to spare.

I used MacKenzie’s guide to Nantucket (girl crushed this, it was so helpful!) to help plan our quick excursion. We opted not to eat at any of the restaurants just to save time for sightseeing. When we arrived we immediately picked up our bike rentals and started the 8ish mile bike ride to ‘Sconset. My husband at this point looked at me like I had gone insane. We drove for 3 hours, got on a boat for another hour and now had at least an hours right in front of us and it barely had broken 10am. We survived the bike ride and explored the coast. It was so beautiful watching the waves crashing from the bluff and the abundance of hydrangea in July. We headed to Cisco Brewers for lunch (had to ride that bike all the way back) and listened to live music and had the most delicious lobster rolls! It was packed but a total blast!

We knew we wanted to explore the town before the sunset, so we rode our bikes into town and dropped them off and were able to walk around the shops. I think my favorite shop was Milly & Grace, but I got the coziest Nantucket sweater from one of the local surf shops. After grabbing the yummiest ice cream at Juice Bar, we walked to Brandt lighthouse and watched the boats come in and the sunset. It was so romantic and relaxing! We explored the main downtown area some more before heading back on the late ferry to our hotel. In the morning we drove up through Plymouth Rock (which honestly was pretty anti-climatic, it’s just a rock  – though I did have the song Anything Goes in my head all day) and headed into Boston for lunch. My good friend Amy went to school there, and she sent us a few great lunch spots in Harvard Square. Our reservation wasn’t for an hour, so we explored the Harvard campus and walked around the square for a bit before driving back to Vermont.

It was such a fun 48 hours but quite the whirlwind, I’m hoping we can go back soon!

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