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Four Ideas for your Outdoor Reception

For Couples

March 21, 2016

It’s no secret I love outdoor weddings. That at home feeling leaves everyone feeling happy and relaxed. The ability to incorporate things you love doing as a couple together (sitting around a fire, fun lawn games) and just an overall more intimate feeling. There’s also a lot more that goes into an outdoor wedding, such as where everyone will use the restroom, what to do if it rains, and even more preparations just in case it rains. For receptions, I especially love to use the least amount of flash possible to capture the true mood of the scene, often switching between using the natural lighting available and different lighting setups. Here are a few tips to set the mood for your outdoor reception.

Lighting – Regardless of the scene, lighting is the number one thing to consider when you think of ambiance. For outdoor weddings, I suggest using market lights to create a bright gathering space. It’s also important to remember to light paths, and any other areas your guests might be visiting. Candles are great too, but don’t put out a ton of light and are hard as the only light source (unless you are going for dark and moody of course).

Linens – The linens you chose will definitely have an impact on your reception photos. Choosing light linens for your outdoor reception will give it a beautiful light and airy look. They are also so easy to customize.

Lounge – Another great way to create an inviting gathering space is to have a separate area for guests to sit and talk away from the dining tables.

Tables – Depending on the size of your outdoor space, consider doing long tables. That feeling of community and love surrounding the bride and groom (and being able to see most of the guests in one photo) is always beautiful.

Wisconsin affords an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for outdoor summer weddings. I love to see how brides create new and innovative ways to celebrate their big day!

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