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September Goals


September 5, 2018

Do you hear that internet? It’s the sound of my kids heading back to school!!! As much as I adore each and every summer, I know we thrive when we have a solid routine. I love having structure to block our schedules, and with all three girls being in school each afternoon, I can have solid work and mom time.

My September goals are pretty simple this month. Organize & Adjust. Organize our home and workspaces a bit better so that we can spend more time together when we aren’t “Busy”.

Personal Goals

  1. Create a dedicated “Home Base” in our basement laundry. This will include a spot for shoes, homework and backpacks. The goal is to get this done now so when winter comes and things are snowy we will have a solid routine.
  2. Finish Shiplapping in our Master Bedroom
  3. Redo Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring. A project we were planning to do next year but…Shep happened. He is a good boy, but went full puppy terror on our kitchen when our pet sitter was out and we were on vacation.
  4. Attend as many sports events as I can.
  5. Be present in my parenting.
  6. At least two dates with Andy

Work Goals

  1. Outsource Email List organization and set up.
  2. Work on 4th quarter finances.
  3. Book 2 2019 Weddings (only a few more spots remain open for next year!)
  4. Organize workspace & computer.
  5. Blog 2-3 times per week.

What are your goals for September?

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