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The Pre Wedding Plan – Part 1. Making Your Space Picture Perfect | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


September 1, 2014

Getting Ready Tips

I love getting ready photos. I know it might be weird, but they are one of my favorite parts of the entire day. The bride getting her hair and make up done, a mixture of excitement and nerves. The groomsmen trying to figure out how to fold a pocket square and joking with the groom. Maybe its the anticipation, the mix of being totally confident and totally scared at the same time that I love to capture in photographs. This week, I’m sharing some tips on how to make your getting ready photos pretty and memorable, as well as a few tricks to make your day run smoothly.

Five Tips to Make Your Getting Ready Space Organized & Picture Perfect

1) Declutter – the last thing you want in your getting ready photos are the wrappers from your groomsman’s breakfast run on the bed, or empty shoe boxes on the counter. Make sure beds are made and dirty clothes are off the floor. Keep in mind most photographers will be purely documenting this time and not really setting up any styled shots, therefore, keeping the room as you want it photographed is key. I suggest asking a bridesmaid and groomsmen before the wedding to be in charge of keeping your getting ready room tidy and as decluttered as possible.

2) Natural Lighting – if at all possible, try to get ready in a room that offers lots of natural light and big windows, or consider moving into a different space to put on your dress. The more natural light, the more creative your photographer can be in getting those “pinterest worthy” getting ready photos. If its not possible, no worries! Your photographer should be prepared to photograph you in any light, so don’t feel bad if your venue only has windowless dressing rooms.

3) Schedule Your Hair and Make Up Early– This holds true especially if you have a hair and make up artist coming to you as opposed to getting ready at a salon. Giving you and your maids ample getting ready time will alleviate some of the rush later in the day and is more likely to keep your day on schedule.

4) Know Your Gear – How do I tie a tie? Where does this go? What’s a cufflink? Educating yourself and your bridal party on some of those little details can go a long way in keeping your pre-wedding schedule on track. Often times, photographers end up helping bustle a dress or folding a pocket square, and while we love to help, those detail shots would look great in your album too.

5) Have All Your Details Ready to Go – Usually every minute is scheduled during your wedding day, therefore your photographer may not have a lot of time to do detail shots depending on what else you have going on during the day. Keep everything you want to be photographed in an easily accessible space (for example, the invitations and the rings) so that your photographer can quickly and easily grab your things and you can continue getting ready stress free.

There is so much that happens pre wedding that the less stress you can put on yourself by being organized, the more you can relax and enjoy your big day! I hope these tips help make your wedding run smoothly and your photos just as you envisioned!

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