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The Pre Wedding Plan – Part 2. Taking Care of You | Wisconsin Wedding Photography


September 2, 2014

How to get ready for your wedding

Welcome to Part 2 of my pre wedding plan series!!

Yesterday’s information on getting your dressing room ready for photographs can be found here!

So without further adieu… Part 2 – Taking Care of You on Your Wedding Day!


Ladies, today I am focusing on you! Your big day has arrived – yay! Depending on your timeline, you may have several hours to fill before its time to get ready.  You’ve been planning this day for months, and the day is now here, there’s no more things to make or items to check off of your to do list.  It’s time to focus on you and making sure your body has the energy to get through a day with a lot of emotions and most likely a ton of walking. The hours before your wedding can be stressful, but there a few things you can do to ease the stress and feel your best for your ceremony.

1) Sleep – The night before your wedding may be filled with fun rehearsal dinner festivities, but it’s important to get a full nights rest before the big day. Your guests will understand if you need to leave the party a big early in order to get rested for the next day. On top of this, try to keep the alcohol and caffeine to a minimum the night before so that your body can really recharge.

2) Hydrate – Even though you have a million thoughts running through your head, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Wisconsin is so humid in the summer, you need lots of water to stay on your feet long into your reception. Keep water bottles ready to go in your hotel room (you can even get ambitious and DIY bride or something quirky on the bottle). While drinking a cocktail might sound fun, especially if you are in the sun for hours prior to your reception, you don’t want to risk getting sick because you aren’t properly hydrated.  Along with all that H2O, a tall coffee & mimosas in the dressing room are also acceptable 🙂

3) Eat Good Food – My brides typically put aside at least two hours for photos, therefore we are outside a lot, and usually that means lots of walking and hiking. It may sound cliche, but a good, healthy breakfast is really important on your wedding day. Make sure to eat a healthy snack like almonds or dried fruit when you are getting ready, you can even have a bridesmaid make a little bag for you to bring along when we take pictures.

4) Get Outside – If you are like me, you will be totally obsessed about the little details on your big day. Taking a long walk or jog in the morning is a great  way to relieve stress, and lets you get out of the wedding mindset for a few minutes and really clear your head. Plus all the endorphins your body will produce will leave you energized and ready to get hitched!

5) Clean…Your Rings! – This might not totally fit in today’s theme, but it’s a great thing to add to your to do list. Your rings are going to be front and center a lot on your wedding day. Make sure to get them cleaned the day before so they are bright and shiny and ready for photos, there are also several cleaners you can buy to clean them the day of. I love getting my rings cleaned, and I always spend way too much time staring at them after I pick them up! It’s just one more thing to make you feel great and energized for your big day!

6) Wear Comfy Shoes – If you have heels to go with your wedding gown, thats fabulous. However, taking care of your toes in the days and hours before your wedding is important too! Make sure to keep your feet feeling good in a pair of comfy flats or slippers in your hotel room, and bring a pair of flip flops to walk in for your photos. Your toes will thank you later!

7) Make a Playlist – I played basketball for a lonnnng time, and before every game, there was a specific playlist that I would listen to in order to get into that game mentality. I know you have gone over that dinner playlist with your DJ about 100 times, but don’t forget to add in some time for music you love that will get you pumped to walk down that aisle.

I hope these tips will help you feel a little more energized and ready to walk down that aisle whether it’s alongside Lake Michigan or in the beautiful Wisconsin woods!

Join me tomorrow for Part 3 – Packing a pre wedding emergency kit!



P.S. Don’t forget to watch lots of Friends in your pre wedding ritual!


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