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The Pre Wedding Plan – Part 3 – Always Be Prepared | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


September 3, 2014

Make Up

Welcome to this weeks Pre Wedding Blog Series…a few tips and tricks on how to survive those hours before your wedding ceremony.

Part One covers how to keep your dressing room photo ready.

Part Two goes over how to take care of you the morning of your wedding so you don’t burn out!

Today we are going to cover some emergency items you should have on hand. AKA – How to prep an “Oh Sh*t” bag.

Strange things happen on your wedding day, things you never imagined happening tend to be the ones that rear their messy, unwanted heads. It’s important to Always Be Prepared.

There are literally hundreds of little things you can bring with you on your wedding day to plan for any emergency, but here are my top 5 favorites to carry along (and all have been needed at some point or another during weddings I have photographed).

1) Mini Sewing Kit w/scissors– You never know when something is going to rip or need a quick stitch. Bridesmaid needs to cut off straps on her gown? You’ve got it covered. About half the weddings I’ve photographed have some sort of wardrobe malfunction that needs something in a sewing kit, to the point where I usually bring one just in case. Don’t forget to throw some safety pins in there as well.

2) Stain Remover – Tide to Go works great! It’s small and easy to pack and is a lifesaver in a pinch.

3) E.L.F. Shine Eraser Pads– I usually carry these on me, especially on hot, humid days. They are great for photos and are so easy to use! They are only a dollar at Target. A DOLLAR. Did I mention they are a dollar?

4) First Aid Kit – Just in case, its always good to have some pain reliever or band aids on hand. As a very clumsy person, this is a must! If you wear contacts, throw an extra pair or two in there as well just in case! Don’t forget sunscreen!

5) Bobby Pins – You can never have enough bobby pins, ever.

Those are my top 5! Like I said at the beginning of this post, there are so many things you can have on hand in an emergency. A list I particularly like is this Wedding Day Survival Kit on Style Me Pretty. Its easy to print off and give to your maid of honor to make sure there’s an emergency bag on hand in your dressing room just in case.

Remember ladies – Always Be Prepared!

Until Next Time…



  1. Sara

    September 5th, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    And just say no to drinks that are not clear. 🙂

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