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The Pre Wedding Plan – Part 4 – Guy Things | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


September 4, 2014

Groom Getting Ready Tips

Until now, the Pre Wedding Plan has focused mostly on the ladies, but today, I am focusing on the guys in this aptly titled post  for Part 4…Guy Things. 

Part One focused on getting your dressing room photo ready on your wedding day.

Part Two looks at ways a bride can stay healthy and energized on the day of her wedding.

Part Three goes over your “Oh Sh*t” emergency must haves in your dressing room the day of your wedding.

Guys, lets do this! Here are some Pre Wedding tips for the Groom….

Tip #1 – Remember You Are Getting Photos Done – I do not mean that title in a condescending tone at all, promise! Often times, the focus for photos is assumed to be on the bride for the big getting ready photos, but it’s important for guys to have that time documented as well. Some of the best photos of the day are often of the guys getting ready, just hanging out and goofing off. Make sure to not arrive fully dressed (I mean, please arrive in pants, please) but as far as putting on your jacket or tie, those detail shots are important to bring together the story of the day, and they are more genuine if taken in the moment, over having to recreate the moment later. Also, please let your groomsmen and anyone else who will be getting ready with you know that a photographer will be in the room with you pre ceremony, so they can be prepared too.

Tip #2 – Know Your Gear – Ties, pocket square, boutonnieres, cufflinks. If you don’t know what one or more of these things are this tip is for you! There is a lot of gear for guys on their wedding day that you don’t usually need during your day to day, and knowing how to put them on will save you a lot of time getting ready the day off. Below are a few you tube tutorials I found that should help make things easier!

How to Tie a Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Fold A Pocket Square

How to Pin A Boutonniere

How to Put on Cufflinks

Tip #3  Be Awesome…But Save Some for the Reception – Just like the girls, its important for guys to remember that the wedding day is really really long. It’s easy to go over board and start drinking at 9am, but when your ceremony isn’t until 5…things can get a bit messy. Know your limits and your groomsmen’s limits, and enjoy your day, but save some for the reception.

Tip #4 Make it Fun – We all know girls take way longer to get ready than guys. This doesn’t change on your wedding day, in fact, it probably holds true times 4. Guys, you will have lots of down time the morning of the wedding. It will take the girls a few hours to get ready (depending on your bride) while the guys can be ready to go in 45 minutes. Find some fun things to do like a pool game or a game of cards to help pass the time (and ease your nerves).

Thanks for taking the time to read! I’ll be finishing up the Pre Wedding Plan series tomorrow with part 5 – Unique gifts for your Bride and Groom.




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