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The Pre Wedding Plan – Part 5 – | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


September 5, 2014

You guys…I’m really excited to share todays ideas on awesome gifts to give your future partner. Not only because it involves shopping, but because it officially concludes my first blog series! This personal project of mine has been a ton of fun and has inspired a whole mess of blog ideas for helping EHP brides get some fun & fresh ideas for their upcoming wedding day!

Here is what you missed this week if you need to catch up!

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Wisconsin Wedding Tips

Gift Giving to Your Partner the Day of the Wedding.

Not all couples partake in this tradition, and it can be done easily and range from spending money on each other, or not. Here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your future partner.

Put a Note on It – My absolute favorite wedding gift is a simple handwritten note to your future Mr. or Mrs. It doesn’t have to be gushy or long, but having something to hold on to while your getting ready, just knowing your love took the time to write down how they were feeling in a note is a heartfelt and genuine gift that you can hold on to for generations. Its also a great gift to hold on to down the road when you might be having a fight or bad day, reading those letters will bring back all those reasons why you married each other in the first place.

Something for Your Home – Whether you live together before your big day or not, having something in your home that you can walk past every day that reminds you of you wedding is a great gift to give to your bride or groom. One really cool idea is to get a map made of the city you met in, or where your first home was, and frame it. One I really love is from Summit Ridge Studio , they do custom, hand drawn maps in a variety of colors. They are truly a work of art.

For the Groom – My favorite gifts for the groom include a nice watch they can wear (you can even have it engraved) or if they enjoy drinking a flask is always a great gift.

For the Bride – My favorite gifts for the bride include a journal or stationary set (with her new name if she is taking yours) or a nice set of pearls or other jewelry that she can wear to remember the day.

Keep It Simple – My biggest piece of advice is to keep gifts simple and sentimental. Gifts aren’t required and with a little pre planning can pack a bigger emotional punch then going out and spending more money with weddings already being quite hard on the wallet. Do you have a saying or movie quote that’s an inside joke, a simple card with just that will make her laugh. You can go back to your Junior High days and make her an awesome mix tape (even call it super wedding mix #3!). Be creative and have fun with it.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks wedding series, I am off to shoot a wedding with a lovely Milwaukee Photographer this weekend, I’ll be back next week with some fun wedding DIY tips and showing off our brand new website (and mobile site!)

Have a fantastic weekend friends!



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