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September 15, 2017

Happy Friday friends, we made it! Is it just me or is September just flying? As soon as  I feel like I’m in a groove, everything changes and I have to start over. However, now that we are two weeks into school I feel a lot better about our schedule. While I love summer, I have to admit I love when school starts. I love that feeling of a schedule and knowing what most days are going to look like. Plus I get those cherished mom hours and work hours that I lose during the summer months now that Eisley is in school too!

This week has been all about balance and being able to serve my dear clients the best I can while being an involved parent. Seriously, this time is so bittersweet, because I’m sad to not have my little crew here all day, but I’m completely cherishing the 3 hours I get to myself three days per week. Even though the first day I accidentally locked myself out of my house (that Instastory was so fun, ha! At least there was ac in the car and a PSL). Also, I don’t know how I feel about this resurgence of summer. I loved our two weeks in the 60s and am so ready for fall to begin, for tomorrows wedding it’s back to the 80s!

Here is what I’m loving this week:

  1. Fall Capsule Wardrobe – Picking up a few staples from the Gap this week and narrowing down my fall wardrobe. I did this in the spring and loved it! I got it down to under 20 pieces and it made getting ready so easy! My plan is to start putting things aside to get rid of or sell once the wedding season slows down, and keep things simple in the fall. I loved being able to grab some versatile accessories, and I’m loving this scarf and this hat (and gap cash from back to school shopping for the kiddos!). My style is pretty simple and putting together these simple wardrobes for fall and spring allows me to feel good and not live in yoga pants. Basically, I’m living that functional hot mess work from home mom life.
  2. This Veil From Twigs & Honey – Some of my favorite wedding photos to look back on are from the 20s, and I love the lace cloche headpieces. I have been hoping a modern version would start to become popular, and I am completely here for this!!
  3. Fall Rugs – My love for fall knows no bounds. Considering I lived in Phoenix since I was 12, I never really got a fall to begin with! Mostly I would look longingly at all my friends fall photos online. Mostly fall is my excuse to use all the plaid, so I picked up this cute rug to layer by our front door.
  4. Schedules! I’m the girl who always gets a planner and then fails to use it after like 4 days, relying on my online calendar to keep me organized. But this year between EHP being busier than ever, girl scouts, being room parent and being on the preschool board (also occasionally wanting to have a date night), I grabbed Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner and have fallen into the color-coded organization rabbit hole. I love being able to sync schedules with my ICal reminders, and it has hourly day planning pages which makes me so happy! Plus her packaging is so adorable! I’d love to know how you organize, I just want to color code all the things!
  5. Jesus H.Roosevelt Christ! I’m pretty excited Outlander is back!

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