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Three Easy Tips to Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

For Couples

March 1, 2018

Today I’m dishing out a two for one education special! These tips work great for brides AND photographers, to give you better getting ready photos. They are super easy, low stress and give you amazing images!

#1 – Declutter – Brides this is a great job for your bridesmaids. Try to keep the room tidy the morning of the wedding. I know sometimes this is hard because there is a LOT going on. Hair and Make Up, breakfast, mimosas and just the general abundance of stuff that occurs when you get 5-15 girls all in the same place. Have your bridesmaids move everything to another room or just pick a corner away from the windows in the room. Photographers, you can also ask a bridesmaid or have your second shooter help declutter! Speaking of light source…

#2 – Move The Bride (or Groom!) – When you get into the getting ready room, look around for your light source. Move the bride there once her dress is on for beautiful even light for quick bridal portraits. I like to have my brides put on her accessories here, as well as a few quick shots before moving on to the first look or ceremony. They are always some of my favorite shots of the day! Brides, don’t think your photographer is crazy for moving you towards the window.

#3 – Turn Off The Lights – Seems counterintuitive, right? Here we are seeking the best light by making it darker. However, all lightbulbs have different temperatures. Some are warm and some are cool. Combining all those different light sources can turn into a nightmare getting skin tones lovely during editing. Turn off the lights and you’ll be able to use the natural light as your guide. Brides – pro tip – try to have your hair and make up done near the window. Not only will your artists be able to take advantage of natural light, when we turn off the lights it won’t affect their work!

These three quick tips are SO easy to implement and make wedding mornings go so smoothly.

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