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The Little Bit | A Personal Project


June 5, 2014

Having children and working from home is wonderful, but it is also quite busy. Last year, I started a blog with a group of photographers/moms/amazing people to document a snippet of our lives, and called it the Little Bit. The Little Bit is a nickname I had when I was younger, and it seemed like a perfect fit for our littles. We stopped the project last fall because I was super pregnant, working full time and in the midst of holiday portraits, so I am so excited to revive our little project and I’m fully committed to complete it this time!

Sometimes, the boring, everyday things are the memories that have the biggest impression on your life. Setting up an elaborate shoot for my children with props and costumes can be fun, but capturing them in their element is so much more fulfilling. We spend a lot of time in the living room playing, and with summer approaching, our days are longer and our afternoons are filled with playing and exploration. For this week, here is a typical weekday afternoon with my  three girls (springtime also means lots of friend time, so the oldest left shortly after I brought out my camera to go to a friends house).

You can view this weeks collaboration by clicking here!


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