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Today, you are 6.


July 8, 2014


Morgan Joan.

6 years ago, at 12:23am, you became the most important thing I’ve ever created.

I was young, and in the last six years we have gone through a lot together. I had to make tough life decisions and hope with all my heart they were the right ones. That seeing your mom happy was the best way to teach you how to develop healthy relationships when you grow up and not make the same mistakes that I made. Its been an interesting six years, but watching you grow and thrive and be excited by life is by far the most fulfilling experience I have ever had.

This year, you started Kindergarten just 7 days after you turned 5. I was worried that you were too young, but knew in my heart that you would thrive, and you did. You LOVE school, you are enthusiastic about learning. You love your teachers and your peers and I have only heard positive things in talking to anyone you meet outside our family. You rocked switching schools in the middle of the year and excelled going from a half day to full day program. Its bittersweet, knowing you have a separate life at school. We aren’t your whole world and that you are expanding your world view, that when you come home and tell me that school was “good” and thats all the information I might get that day. You flew on three airplanes. You drove across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin to get to our new home. You made two new best friends here, Lina and Ben. I feel like Wisconsin is where you will thrive, and watching you become so much more independent here, exploring, using your imagination and showing your friends empathy when they need it makes my heart burst with happiness and pride. You are funny, smart and brave. You lost three teeth, two on the bottom and one on the top. You are reading, even though you still prefer to be read to. Your favorite books include American Girl, Biscuit, Where the Wild Things Are, Little House, and of course, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. We have watched Frozen more times than I would like to admit. You had a brand new sister, and due to her coming so fast got to be there when she entered the world, A sister who you love to carry around the house and help dress and help diaper. You are Bailey’s best friend, and while she bugs you sometimes, you are always willing and ready to help her learn new things. You love playing with your doll house and creating new exciting meals in your kitchen. You play outside for hours and hours with your friends, collecting rocks and flowers, and creating homes for worms and slugs. You played soccer and did ballet, and had your very first recital. You are creative and artsy. You love to sing, loudly. I introduced you to Annie and The Sound of Music and The Little Princess now you don’t complain when I want to watch a movie from when I was a little girl . We have had some epic dance parties. You like to take my phone and create the funniest videos. You love to ask me on a date and we do whatever you want, usually its the movies, but sometimes we do our nails, or we go to Starbucks and you get a tall chocolate milk and a vanilla scone (or a birthday cake pop, which you never finish). You are so close to riding your 2 wheeler, you just need that little bit of practice to get you over that last little bump of fear.

You are my munchkin, my sweet girl, and my mobug.

You are turning into a wonderful young girl and I cannot believe you are six! I love you more than birthday cake and sparkles my sweet girl. May six be your best year yet!



And now. Picture overload! (sorry not sorry!)




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