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Our Winter Morning Routine


February 21, 2018


As I get older, I’ve found myself buckling down on time more. I used to not mind being a few minutes late, but now if I’m not 15 (or more) minutes early, I feel like I’m running late. Setting some sort of routine helps my entire day run smoothly, not to mention my kids have a much better day!

I have about 2 years left before all my girls are in school full time, so we are constantly shifting how I approach my workday. It’s honestly the biggest blessing of being self-employed. While sometimes I get major FOMO because I see friends going out and doing fabulous things while I’m editing with a 3-year-old asking me for animal crackers, I know the sacrifice now is going to help our business blossom. In the now famous words of super planner Lara Casey – “It’s ok to grow slow.”

Winter is sort of a magical time at the Haase house. Fall is typically insane. It’s the busiest season for me with weddings, school starting, the holidays etc and it’s very g0-go-go. Winter is still go go go, but it’s a calmer, more peaceful kind. Deadlines are farther out, so the sense of immediate urgency is gone. For my business, it’s the time of year I reflect, renew and replenish things for my couples. Sending out education to my 2018 brides. Meeting with fall 2018 + and 2019 couples. It’s a great season, and our mornings look a little different.

6:00 AM – Wake Up. Coffee + Read the news. I have a spot on the couch that is my favorite place to just take in the morning.

7:00 AM – Breakfast for the kids and prep Morgan for school.

8:00 AM – Morgan off to school. Clean up and play with the little girls or head to the gym. The girls are more self sufficient now, which makes it easier for them to go play on their own.

9:00 AM – Get ready for the day

9:30 AM – Work Begins/Drive to the studio

I try to make it to the studio 1-2 times per week depending on the weather. I’d love to be there everyday, it just depends on how the weather is and our schedule. I try to volunteer as much as I can in the girls schools in the winter, since I know I won’t have as much time in the spring.

Our schedule isn’t super exciting or inventive, but writing it into my planner each day helps me feel more in control. I also allow myself some grace if things don’t go to plan, but for the most part we stay on schedule.

I’d love to know your morning routine! I’m always looking for things to tweak here and there so make things run smoother!

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